Investment In DAPL:


U.S. Bank is the 5th largest commercial bank in the United States. They have $275,000,000 invested in the Dakota Access Pipeline.

US Bank prides itself in it's promotion of the value of environmental responsibility (from

Our Approach to Environmental Responsibility

At U.S. Bank, we care deeply about promoting sustainable business practices while supporting economic growth – it is one of the reasons that we have invested more than $13 billion in environmentally beneficial business opportunities over the past several years. It is also one of the reasons U.S. Bank was named a World’s Most Ethical Company by the Ethisphere Institute for the second year in a row.

Since we serve a broad spectrum of enterprises across a diverse array of industries –we embrace a balanced approach as we address climate change and the needs of our communities, customers, employees and shareholders.

U.S. Bank embraces our responsibility to be a good steward of our natural resources. We have implemented a 'continuous improvement' approach by protecting and conserving our natural resources through methods such as:

  • Developing business practices that protect and conserve our natural resources.
  • Embracing opportunities for new products, services and partnerships that improve how environmentally sustainable we are.
  • Adopting new technologies, such as renewable resources, that continue to reduce our carbon footprint.

Many of these approaches can create long-term value for our stakeholders through increased revenues, reduced costs and reduced risks. But just as importantly, these tactics can help improve the world we all share. So let’s enable our potential to be more environmentally friendly, both globally and locally.

US Banks investment in DAPL is a direct contradiction of their statement of environmental responsibility.

The pipeline will cost $3.8 billion, and $3.75 billion of that budget is on credit, loaned or invested by financial institutions. And the consumer banks lending the money are using a portion of the money you have saved with them. If you have an account with this bank, that means your money is funding the pipeline. Pull your money from U.S. Bank if they don’t agree to divest.